The future of the electric grid moves on wheels

Our software empowers utilities to lead the future of electric transportation by strengthening the grid with EV managed charging.

An electric vehicle plugged in with wind turbines and solar panels in the background.

The WeaveGrid platform ensures that the grid can accommodate electric vehicles safely, affordably, and reliably. With one EV Management System, utilities can support system planning, optimize distribution loads, and offer managed charging programs for all EV customers.


By 2026, one in three cars sold in the U.S. will be electric

WeaveGrid’s software transforms EVs into dynamic grid resources, reducing and delaying the need for infrastructure upgrades while creating opportunities to incorporate renewables.

Graph of EV sales in millions by 2026
Annual EV Sales (millions) per year chart

Our utility solutions

Enterprise software for EV management that's built for the long-haul.
An electric vehicle in the driveway of a home with solar panels.
EV Detection & Insights
Find EVs in your territory and gain valuable insights into drivers’ charging patterns to identify hotspots on the grid.
A woman plugging in her electric vehicle for managed charging.
EV Managed Charging
Encourage beneficial charging behavior by rewarding off-peak charging or actively manage EV loads to meet grid needs, save drivers money, and integrate renewables.
A neighborhood street with distribution lines.
Smart Charging Orchestration
Solve for distribution-level constraints and unlock full EV-grid value with WeaveGrid's Distribution Integrated Smart Charging Orchestration (DISCO) solution.

One platform for EV management

Launch EV programs and reduce distribution costs in one place.

Our software enables utilities to find EV drivers,  gather insights on charging patterns, enroll EVs in incentive programs, encourage beneficial charging habits, and actively manage charging - all while keeping drivers happy and saving with every charge.
One platform for EV management

The WeaveGrid difference for utilities

Driver experience
Our seamless driver interface makes it simple and secure for drivers to participate in EV programs without downloading another app.
Distribution value
We support utility EV programs while also reducing the cost to serve EVs by optimizing charging at the distribution level.
OEM partnerships
Our vehicle and charger integrations guarantee consistent, high-quality, and secure data across technology types.
A unified EVMS
Use one EVMS (EV Management System). Our platform integrates with your tech stack and can optimize charging using utility signals.

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Get the EV transition right

We manage the complexity of the EV transition in a driver-friendly manner to help you achieve your EV goals, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce operating costs.