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Using software for electric vehicle charging to strengthen the grid

Our platform ensures the grid can accommodate electric vehicles safely, affordably, and reliably by supporting your system planning efforts and providing managed charging your customers enjoy.

EVs are rapidly growing

EVs will account for nearly 30% market share in US passenger vehicle sales by 2030.

Data sources
1. Edison Electric Institute

line chart of ev share of total vehicle sales.

Transportation electrification creates a once-in-a-century opportunity for utilities to grow revenue and engage customers. However, EVs also create complex challenges because the grid was designed before software and chargers. As EV adoption accelerates, overloading from EVs without managed charging will increase the costs of operating the grid, particularly on the distribution system.

WeaveGrid helps you meet your customers’ expectations and transform EVs into dynamic grid resources, reducing and delaying the need for infrastructure upgrades.

Enterprise software that is built for the long haul

weavegrid utility software

Our data-driven platform helps utilities find EV drivers, analyze and gather insights on charging patterns, enroll them in managed charging programs and EV-specific rates, incentivize beneficial charging habits, and actively manage charging – all while keeping drivers happy.

What the WeaveGrid platform can do


Find EVs in your territory

Determine where EV drivers in your territory are charging and help them enroll in your programs.

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Understand charging patterns

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ charging patterns and identify hotspots on the grid.

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Encourage beneficial charging habits

Offer direct incentives for enrollment and participation in your programs and unique time-of-use (TOU) rates to lower the cost of EV ownership in your territory.

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Manage charging to meet driver and grid needs

Leverage EV charging flexibility based on grid conditions while simultaneously meeting driver preferences.

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Enhance your system to unlock full EV-grid value

Forecast distribution needs from EVs to best utilize existing infrastructure and plan for necessary upgrades.

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The WeaveGrid difference

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Customer experience
Our driver-centric approach helps you navigate the rapidly evolving customer relationship and establish trust.

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We aren’t just another vendor. We partner with you to enable higher levels of EV adoption while also providing a seamless co-branded customer experience.

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Our dedicated vehicle and charger integrations software team ensures consistent & high-quality data across technology types, with the highest level of security. No outsourcing to third-party vendors.

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We work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your territory, your customers, and your team. We meet you where you are.

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We strike the optimal balance between customer experience and grid value by making it simple and easy for drivers to participate in your EV managed charging programs.

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Our success follows from your own, as proven by our award-winning utility EV programs.

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Divesh Gupta
Director of Strategy for Baltimore Gas & Electric

“WeaveGrid's enterprise software solutions serve as the interface between these two evolving industries, enabling both to benefit from the EV transition and - most critically - to offer a seamless and delightful experience for drivers abandoning gas stations as a relic of the past.”

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Nadia El Mallakh
Vice President of Clean Transportation and Strategic Partnerships
Xcel Energy

“We value our collaboration with WeaveGrid to deliver successful solutions to our customers while helping them save money on EV charging. Xcel Energy has a robust clean transportation goal — to provide the fueling infrastructure and energy system to run all vehicles in its service area on carbon-free electricity or other clean energy by 2050 — and working with industry solution providers, like WeaveGrid, allows us to deliver more customers flexibility as they transition to a cleaner energy future."

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Aaron August
Vice President of Utility Partnerships and Innovation

“With one in six electric vehicles in the United States registered in our service area today, PG&E aims to support three million EVs on the road in our service area by 2030. To achieve that goal, PG&E is actively collaborating with innovative technology and software companies like WeaveGrid to integrate this coming wave of EVs onto the electric grid and help realize their full potential in delivering grid reliability, resiliency, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

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Getting this transition right

Soon you will play a larger role in your customers’ lives than ever before.

Never before has a grid-tied resource been so important to customers and so impactful to the grid. Failing to charge a customer's vehicle – or unexpectedly high costs to fuel up – has significant repercussions for customer trust.
Safety, reliability and affordability are paramount to long-term success.
We manage the complexity in a driver-friendly manner to help you meet your EV strategy goals and the requirements of regulators.
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