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Happy EV drivers and simple charging fuel accelerated EV adoption

Electrification is the biggest thing to happen to the auto industry in the last 100+ years. EVs are transformative for automakers, but they also require a paradigm shift in driver experience.

For a hundred years, automakers worked in harmony with fueling infrastructure to get people where they needed to go. As the world shifts to electrified mobility, the same must be true between automakers, charging providers, and the utility grid.

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OEMs have long excelled at delivering a delightful customer experience and they are now pioneering new approaches to expand consumer charging access and reduce range anxiety. We’re here to help with the utility software side of the equation.

WeaveGrid's software helps the grid support the EV transition by providing a streamlined charging experience for EV drivers.

WeaveGrid’s software adds value across stakeholders to advance EV adoption.

The transition to an all-electric future will be quicker and smoother if it benefits everyone.

We elevate the EV driver experience to support increased EV sales

Our digital platform enables automakers and charging providers to offer one consistent brand and charging experience across driver personas and electric utility territories. We make it easy and rewarding for customers to navigate a brand new driver experience.

We help automakers unlock new value streams

By putting your software-defined vehicles to work for you, we help you to realize your return on vehicle digitization by converting an existing resource into high-margin recurring revenue.

We provide your customers with access to utility EV programs across the country

We manage complex relationships with electric utilities across the U.S. so that our global OEM and charging partners don’t have to. Our utility integrations give partners access to EV programs that create better charging experiences and lower costs for drivers.

We help utilities support your increased EV sales

Our data-driven platform helps utilities find EV drivers, enroll them in programs and EV-specific rates, analyze and generate insights on charging patterns, incentivize beneficial charging habits, and actively manage charge – all while keeping drivers happy.
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The WeaveGrid difference

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The complex and highly regulated utility sector is our wheelhouse. We are your trusted partner to help EV drivers navigate fragmented electric utility territories, charging programs, and rates, transforming a complex world into a simple set-it-and-forget-it charging experience.

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We aren’t just another software vendor, and we’re not a data broker. We operate on a foundation of true partnership and work directly with you to create long-term value while providing a delightful driver experience at the core of our collaboration.

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We build all of our business capabilities 100% in-house – our internal software engineering, product, and compliance teams are dedicated to vehicle integrations that ensure high data quality and adherence to utility and OEM data security standards alike. No outsourcing to third-party vendors here.

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Our trailblazing technology is made possible by a diverse and unparalleled team that combines best-in-class energy and transportation expertise with world-class software and data capabilities. These are matched by driver engagement and customer success teams that put driver experience at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring the EV revolution is a human one, not just a technological one.

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