Save on EV charging. Strengthen the electric grid.

WeaveGrid is the EV charging solution empowering drivers to save money and relieve grid stress by prioritizing charging when it’s most cost-effective and energy-efficient.

A visual with the insights that drivers can see on the WeaveGrid platform including usage and cost of charging this week..

Access utility programs in less than 5 minutes


Find and enroll in a charging program

Determine your eligibility by car and home utility territory and register through WeaveGrid. It’s fast and easy.

Connect your car or charger

WeaveGrid connects your EV or wifi-enabled charging station so you can understand your home charging habits.

Enjoy perks

Unlock incentives, insights, and tools once you are enrolled. Track your home charging costs, history, and energy habits.

Perks for EV drivers  

Access EV charging programs in collaboration with utility companies across the U.S. supporting a resilient and low cost electric future.
A woman plugging in her electric vehicle to be charged outside.
Save money
You might be qualified for savings and continued incentives from your utility provider for enrolling and staying connected.
A rural highway with wind turbines in the backdrop.
Make an impact
Use Automatic Smart Charging to charge when renewable energy is plentiful and in support of a healthy electric grid.
A woman getting managed charging insights on her phone and scheduling charging.
Get informed
See the most cost-effective times to charge and track your home charging . Gain an understanding of home energy usage, costs, and overall impact.

How it works

What is Automatic Smart Charging?
WeaveGrid simultaneously monitors your charging habits and your utility’s rates to determine the best time to charge your EV. All you need to do is set your ready-by time and your car will be ready to go when you need it.
An electric vehicle in the driveway of a home with solar panels.
How you're supporting a healthier electric grid
By automatically choosing the best time to charge, WeaveGrid enables utilities to allocate their resources more efficiently, reducing strain on the grid and keeping rates affordable.
Tracking your charging habits and savings
See your real-time charging status, weekly savings, and overall impact on your WeaveGrid dashboard.

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