April 14, 2022

WeaveGrid expands work with Xcel Energy

WeaveGrid expands work with Xcel Energy

WeaveGrid is working with Xcel Energy on an innovative dynamic optimization pilot program in Colorado and recently expanded its work with the utility to include a static optimization program in Colorado and New Mexico with the potential to expand into other states in the Xcel Energy territory. 

In the Charging Perks Pilot, Xcel Energy partners with several automakers to reach EV owners through connected car systems. In Summer 2021, WeaveGrid was the first vendor to launch Xcel Energy’s Colorado Charging Perks pilot to enable more EV drivers to access lower-cost charging that is better for the grid. This program includes multi-layered dynamic charging optimization that supports many rates. The optimization model takes into consideration driver preferences and rates as well as a proxy hourly production cost provided by the utility that is reflective of grid conditions, while working to improve wind utilization. The Charging Perks pilot offers EV owners a $100 sign-up incentive, plus a $50 to $100 incentive that can be earned at the end of the first and second year, depending on the home charging station.

This exciting and innovative pilot increases integration of renewables by charging EVs when renewables are abundant, all the while lowering costs to serve EV charging.

WeaveGrid is also expanding its work with Xcel Energy by supporting Optimize Your Charge, a program targeting thousands of customers and operating in multiple states, starting in Colorado and New Mexico and coming to Minnesota.

For Optimize Your Charge, WeaveGrid is working with Xcel Energy to encourage off-peak charging by leveraging telematics data to determine when customers are charging their EVs. WeaveGrid’s software confirms whether customers are charging during program-specified off-peak hours and provides ongoing messages to customers to help them understand their charging behavior.

In this program, Colorado and New Mexico customers on any residential rate-schedule simply choose one of Xcel Energy’s three off-peak charging schedules, and then receive a $50 annual incentive for charging at least 25% of the time during their off-peak schedule. The three-schedule program design encourages staggered off-peak charging to avoid timer peaks. Other charging schedules are under development for Minnesota.

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