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Software Engineer, Release

About us

Weave Grid builds software to make it cheaper and safer for utilities to serve electric vehicles, add renewable energy resources, and save customers money. Our mission is to drive rapid decarbonization in the global transport and power sectors by intelligently connecting electric vehicles to the grid.

We are currently in market with early utility clients, and we must rapidly build and deliver product improvements to serve existing customers and win new deals from our deep pipeline. As a rapidly growing company, we are building a thoughtful, capable team that can adapt with our rapidly evolving circumstances.

Industry context

We are living through historic changes in the ways people use transportation — a sector that is now one of the largest and fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are growing at over 60% a year, with vehicle manufacturers spending billions to get ready for an electric future. Boston Consulting Group estimates EVs will account for over half of all vehicle sales by 2030. Electric utilities see massive opportunities in this transformation, as the rise of EVs could drive more growth in energy demand over the next 10 years than any decade since the 1950s.  

‍Larger EV fleets can also help support renewable energy sources on the grid. But to accommodate growth in EVs, utilities will need to make substantial investments in infrastructure and technology. Weave Grid's software helps meet the challenge of our transition to electrified transport.

Culture and mission

Beyond your core skills and track record, you are someone who will expand the culture and cumulative wisdom of the team as a whole. This can take many forms - relevant past projects, hard-won perspective from personal history, an unusual or adjacent skillset, a motivating passion, and so on. We are whole individuals, not just functional role-fillers, and we value everything that you can bring to the team.

Finally, you should be strongly motivated by Weave Grid’s mission. Energy and transportation expertise are not necessary, but it is important that you are passionate about tackling the climate crisis head on, by improving societal and environmental health.

Compensation and location

We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible. Compensation will include competitive salary, equity, and benefits. Weave Grid is based in San Francisco but is open to considering remote candidates in the US for some roles.

About the role

WeaveGrid’s Core engineering team is responsible for our internal data services and products, which process, store, and combine data from many different sources. These systems underpin all of our products, and their quality and performance are central to our business.

We are searching for a Build and Release Engineer to own the tools and processes that we use to deliver software solutions to our utility clients, as well as satisfying experiences to EV drivers. With our broad range of external stakeholders - partners, end users, and customers - we face some interesting challenges in balancing very high reliability with high velocity, agile development. In addition to releases, a key aspect of this work will be improving the developer experience for WeaveGrid engineers, especially in providing easy access to realistic and safe test environments.

Our technologies in this area currently include Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, terraform, and LaunchDarkly. Part of this role will be to help us evolve our infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD tooling as our customer base and team grow rapidly in the coming year.

We are a small team, though growing fast. In addition to the specific responsibilities described here, we expect that this role will evolve as the company expands.

Core Responsibilities
  • Own and maintain our CI/CD system
  • Optimize our deploy system with respect to key performance metrics
  • Work with developers across the technical organization to understand their pain points and provide solutions that enhance productivity
  • Collaborate with application engineers to maintain and improve our feature flag system for selective release of new functionality

About you

You are a software engineer who gains satisfaction from helping other engineers to get their work done. You enjoy the leverage that comes from working on developer tools, build systems, and deployment -- where everything you ship has the chance to make life better for everyone else on the engineering team.

You have experience using feature flags to control the release of features to different user groups. Ideally, you have worked in an environment that has successfully applied CI/CD principles and tools to achieve frequent and high-reliability deployments.

You enjoy collaborating with other smart, creative, and down-to-earth engineers. You are at home with modern, agile software engineering practices, and you take some personal responsibility for your team's performance with them.

To meet the needs of this role, you will bring
  • Real-world experience with modern CI/CD tools and practices
  • The ability to diagnose and troubleshoot build and deploy issues throughout the pipeline
  • A pragmatic attitude toward technical progress - you keep the long term in mind, but you concentrate on incremental wins
  • Terraform
  • CI/CD systems
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Relevant AWS services
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