our team

Diverse industry perspectives, deep domain knowledge, and world-class software expertise

We’ve trained for this mission at electric utilities, pioneering cleantech companies, and automotive leaders, and as members of renowned research groups and the early teams of today's software giants. Through our collective experience founding and scaling ventures on the frontiers of technology and market development, we are ready to chart the course to successful mass-market EV adoption.

Our founders

Apoorv Bhargava
CEO & Founder
John Taggart
CTO & Founder

Our team

Scott Burns
Director of Product
Smriti Mishra
Director of Business Development & Operations
Kyle Garton
Director of Customer Solutions
Mathias Bell
Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs
Elissa Goldner
Head of Applications Engineering
Stephan Ellner
Head of Core Engineering
Beau Cronin
Head of Engineering Operations
Amanda Myers
Manager of Policy & Regulatory Affairs
Amelia Longo
Customer Operations
Amy Roschelle
Business Development
Brendan Endicott
Director of Business Development
Burton DeWilde
Data Science Engineer
Christopher France
Software Engineer
Jason Kulish
People Ops
Josh Wills
Software Engineer
Kate Ambash
Driver Experience Manager
Kathy Li
Software Engineering
Magda Kowalska
Software Engineer
Mark Henle
Data Scientist
Rachel Robinson
Customer Success
Rohith Desikan
Software Engineer
Tyler Woodbury
Product Analyst
Vallard Benincosa
Software Engineer
Yakov Berenshteyn
Senior Manager of Strategy & Revenue Operations
Kendall Cody
Marketing Manager