Earn EV incentives from ChargePerks

Earn a $50 gift card and support California's grid resiliency in the ChargePerks program, funded in part by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

ChargePerks CA Funded in part by the California Energy Commission
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Drivers with a qualifying Tesla electric vehicle on a qualifying Time of Use (TOU) rate can enroll in ChargePerks California.

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Sign up with WeaveGrid to create your personal EV profile and enroll in ChargePerks California in minutes.

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Sign in with your car's app credentials and authorize WeavegGrid to connect your vehicle to the program.

Get your rewards

Access exclusive program benefits including incentives, insights, and tools for smarter, cleaner charging.

Plug in everyday at home and receive hassle-free Automatic Smart Charging. WeaveGrid will automatically handle your charging using your TOU rate to determine lowest cost times and prioritizing renewable energy when available. You can always override smart charge schedules.

ChargePerks California benefits

$50 Enrollment Gift Card
Earn a digital gift card when you enroll (choice of 200+ brands including Visa)
Automatic Smart Charging
Save on charging and support the grid during periods of high demand
Clean & Low-Cost Energy
Automatic Smart Charging prioritizes low-cost, renewable energy whenever available
Personalized Dashboard
Your hub for tracking home charging costs and energy usage
Charging Insights
A weekly charge summary delivered straight to your inbox
Grid Impact
Charge with cleaner energy and support grid resiliency in California

Program details

$50 Gift Card
Drivers with a qualifying Tesla electric vehicle on a qualifying Time of Use (TOU) rate can enroll in ChargePerks California.
Learn more about Time of Use (TOU) rate eligibility
$50 enrollment gift card: simply sign up and receive a welcome gift card of your choosing
Save on charging and support California's grid during periods of high demand
Access to personalized charging cost and insights
Participation rules
  • Must be a customer of SCE, LADWP, SDG&E, SMUD, or PG&E (select zip codes only) and charge in the utility territory
  • Have a qualifying Tesla electric vehicle
  • Currently enrolled in a Time of Use (TOU) rate with your utility provider
  • Vehicle connection required for the duration of the program to receive incentive
  • Cannot simultaneously be enrolled in another utility-sponsored managed charging program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which EVs are eligible for this program?

Drivers may enroll in ChargePerks California with a qualified Tesla electric vehicle. More details on vehicle eligibility

Who can participate in ChargePerks California?

ChargePerks California is available to customers of the following utility providers, who charge their electric vehicle within the utility territory:

  • Southern California Edison (SCE)
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) - Excluding Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties

To participate in ChargePerks California, you cannot simultaneously be enrolled in another managed charging program with your utility provider for the duration of the program.

If your utility is not listed above, you will not be eligible to participate at this time. Rest assured, WeaveGrid is actively working on expanding our EV program offerings to more California drivers. Stay tuned! 

You have the option to join a waitlist and will be contacted when a program becomes available in your area. Click the "Enroll Now" button at the top or bottom of this page to join the waitlist.

Do I need to be on a Time of Use (TOU) rate? What if I don't know my rate?

Yes, to participate in ChargePerks California you need to be actively enrolled in a TOU rate with your utility provider.

If you are unsure of your rate, please reference your electricity bill or reach out to your utility provider for support. You may also find your rate by logging in to your account on your utility customer portal.

More details on the Time of Use (TOU) rates and eligibility

How does Automatic Smart Charging work?

Automatic Smart Charging will optimize your charging during the most cost-effective times of use, coinciding with off-peak hours.

WeaveGrid prioritizes your charging for when it’s least expensive, also taking the grid into consideration to protect it from excessive stress during periods of high demand.

Your daily smart schedule is determined by your vehicle’s charging needs, your rate, and a variety of dynamic live signals, including energy cost, grid stress, and renewable energy availability.

All you need to do is set your target battery level and ready-by time. After that, simply plug in every day, and your car will be ready to go when you need it.

You have complete control over your settings, and can opt to receive text notifications about your upcoming schedule.

While it’s best to stick to your smart schedule as much as possible to maximize savings, you have the option to override your schedule if needed.

How does WeaveGrid collect and use data?

After creating a WeaveGrid account, you will be prompted to sign into your EV account to establish a connection between your vehicle and WeaveGrid.

WeaveGrid then receives your vehicle data in order to provide the program experience and benefits.

This EV data includes information such as how much EV charging has occurred, when EV charging occurs, and whether EV charging occurred at home or away from home.

More details on how your data is used within the program

How does WeaveGrid protect user data?

WeaveGrid is committed to securing users’ data. While we may share relevant EV data with your energy company in order to facilitate program participation, we do not share your EV or personal data with third parties.

We maintain stringent data security and privacy protection procedures to ensure no details about our users, or their charging and driving patterns, are misused or disclosed to unauthorized parties.

For more details, read our privacy policy.

Have other questions?

Visit our help center to learn more about ChargePerks California, or reach out to us at

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