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Customer Experience Associate

About us

WeaveGrid builds software to make it cheaper and safer for utilities to serve electric vehicles, add renewable energy resources, and save customers money. Our mission is to drive rapid decarbonization in the global transport and power sectors by intelligently connecting electric vehicles to the grid.

We are currently in market with early utility clients, and we must rapidly build and deliver product improvements to serve existing customers and win new deals from our deep pipeline. As a rapidly growing company, we are building a thoughtful, capable team that can adapt with our rapidly evolving circumstances.

Industry context

We are living through historic changes in the ways people use transportation — a sector that is now one of the largest and fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are growing at over 60% a year, with vehicle manufacturers spending billions to get ready for an electric future. Boston Consulting Group estimates EVs will account for over half of all vehicle sales by 2030. Electric utilities see massive opportunities in this transformation, as the rise of EVs could drive more growth in energy demand over the next 10 years than any decade since the 1950s.  

‍Larger EV fleets can also help support renewable energy sources on the grid. But to accommodate growth in EVs, utilities will need to make substantial investments in infrastructure and technology. Weave Grid's software helps meet the challenge of our transition to electrified transport.

Culture and mission

Beyond your core skills and track record, you are someone who will expand the culture and cumulative wisdom of the team as a whole. This can take many forms - relevant past projects, hard-won perspective from personal history, an unusual or adjacent skillset, a motivating passion, and so on. We are whole individuals, not just functional role-fillers, and we value everything that you can bring to the team.

Finally, you should be strongly motivated by Weave Grid’s mission. Energy and transportation expertise are not necessary, but it is important that you are passionate about tackling the climate crisis head on, by improving societal and environmental health.

Compensation and location

We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible. Compensation will include competitive salary, equity, and benefits. Weave Grid is based in San Francisco but is open to considering remote candidates in the US for some roles.

Business context

Our success depends on delivering an outstanding experience to Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers enrolled in our utility clients’ programs. 

For joining these programs, EV drivers typically receive financial incentives (like reduced electricity costs), unique data insights and application functionality designed to make it easier to charge and operate their vehicles.

But in participating, most drivers are learning new technologies and behaviors - operating electric vehicles often recently purchased and completing registration steps that involve interactions with the utility as well as WeaveGrid’s driver-facing application. 

EV drivers are navigating a new frontier. To enroll, retain and delight them, you’ll need to act with empathy and understanding to resolve their immediate challenges while helping the WeaveGrid product development team make these new driver experiences intuitive and familiar.

About the role

We are seeking a devoted, empathetic, and thoughtful Customer Experience (CX) Associate to join our Driver Operations Team and be an ambassador to our driver participant base. The CX Associate is our closest link to the EV driver, and represents the voice of the driver in internal product discussions and planning. 

The person stepping into the role will be responsible for creating a stellar experience for EV drivers participating in our serviced utility programs. They will be directly responsible for triaging, answering and resolving tickets, gathering feedback from drivers and building user-focused content. This will require becoming deeply familiar with application functionality and driver needs. 

Based on observations from support tickets, driver surveys, community interactions and other driver feedback, the CX Associate will also inform the product development strategy and champion critical driver-facing functionality and features.

With time, we expect that the role will evolve to encompass more extensive leadership and strategic responsibilities, particularly as our driver base grows throughout the US.

As specific responsibilities, the CX Associate will:

  • Respond to driver inquiries and requests over email, chat and other channels, appropriately escalating specific issues, as needed, in a timely manner
  • Create resources and content to help drivers resolve problems quickly and easily
  • Document issues to help engineering and product teams to resolve bugs and improve the user experience
  • Work with engineers to develop internal tools that enable the Driver Operations team 
  • Own metrics to track driver satisfaction and issue resolution
  • Gather qualitative feedback about UX needs to inform product strategy
  • Share insights on driver needs, preferences, concerns and perspectives to help ensure the team’s work is maximizing value for drivers
  • Guide the ongoing growth of the Driver Operations team and platform

About You

‍You are a customer experience professional or community lead who has served on the front lines of startup consumer products. You can nimbly engage with users while effectively advocating for new features inspired by their feedback, using persuasive collected data and a refined understanding of their perspectives.

In your work managing a backlog of user tickets, you identify common issues to be prioritized and addressed with platform content and product enhancements. You collaborate directly with product and engineering teams to improve users’ experience.

You keep a close eye on indicators of user satisfaction like CSAT, NPS, conversion and churn, but love to dig more deeply into the underlying themes that shape these numbers. You focus relentlessly on actions that provide the highest leverage for keeping users happy. You reduce users’ need to seek out manual help wherever possible.

You are considerate, enthusiastic and precise in your communications. You are determined and methodical when investigating issues – a sleuth constantly assembling a clear record of facts and underlying circumstances around reported issues, so that you can respond effectively and empower colleagues to do the same.  

Some of the specific skills and traits you bring include:

  • Familiarity with common customer service software platforms (like Zendesk) and common productivity tools (Office, Gdocs, JIRA, etc.)
  • Passion for helping users
  • Clear and succinct communication skills
  • Strong organization and structure in your work
  • Basic proficiency in standard tools for quantitative analysis (like Excel / Gsheets and ideally SQL) - summarizing, grouping, ranking records
  • Ability to clearly present summary data in charts / standard visualizations ()
  • Comfort working under conditions of ambiguity and loosely defined requirements
  • A deep hunger for ongoing learning and personal growth
  • A passion for decarbonization and reducing global climate risk

We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible. Compensation will include competitive salary, equity, and benefits.  WeaveGrid is based in San Francisco but is open to considering remote candidates in the US demonstrating the skills listed above.