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Business Development Manager - Partnerships

About us

Weave Grid builds software to make it cheaper and safer for utilities to serve electric vehicles, add renewable energy resources, and save customers money. Our mission is to drive rapid decarbonization in the global transport and power sectors by intelligently connecting electric vehicles to the grid.

We are currently in market with early utility clients, and we must rapidly build and deliver product improvements to serve existing customers and win new deals from our deep pipeline. As a rapidly growing company, we are building a thoughtful, capable team that can adapt with our rapidly evolving circumstances.

Industry context

We are living through historic changes in the ways people use transportation — a sector that is now one of the largest and fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are growing at over 60% a year, with vehicle manufacturers spending billions to get ready for an electric future. Boston Consulting Group estimates EVs will account for over half of all vehicle sales by 2030. Electric utilities see massive opportunities in this transformation, as the rise of EVs could drive more growth in energy demand over the next 10 years than any decade since the 1950s.  

‍Larger EV fleets can also help support renewable energy sources on the grid. But to accommodate growth in EVs, utilities will need to make substantial investments in infrastructure and technology. Weave Grid's software helps meet the challenge of our transition to electrified transport.

Culture and mission

Beyond your core skills and track record, you are someone who will expand the culture and cumulative wisdom of the team as a whole. This can take many forms - relevant past projects, hard-won perspective from personal history, an unusual or adjacent skillset, a motivating passion, and so on. We are whole individuals, not just functional role-fillers, and we value everything that you can bring to the team.

Finally, you should be strongly motivated by Weave Grid’s mission. Energy and transportation expertise are not necessary, but it is important that you are passionate about tackling the climate crisis head on, by improving societal and environmental health.

Compensation and location

We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible. Compensation will include competitive salary, equity, and benefits. Weave Grid is based in San Francisco but is open to considering remote candidates in the US for some roles.

About the role

At Weave Grid, we are at the nexus of collaboration across sectors of the growing electric mobility field. This critical role will bring together major industry players, with a particular focus on automotive electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers and charging providers. You will strive to be a trusted friend and advisor to our industry partners, as an expert in the needs and pain points for growing an EV market while improving the charging experience for drivers. Your knowledge of customer growth and engagement strategies will drive a consultative enterprise sales process, which you will help define and implement. You will develop new connections, scope projects and commercial agreements, negotiate terms, and drive through to the close of a contract. You should be excited to explore creative paths for the electric mobility space, as you will navigate uncharted waters at the intersection of this industry with the electric utility sector.


Core Responsibilities
  • Deepen Weave Grid’s existing relationships to expand high priority EV programs and develop new pilots that demonstrate Weave Grid’s value for drivers, utilities, automakers, and other key partners
  • Identify new connections and develop relationships to improve your in-depth understanding of the business needs and hurdles of our partners
  • Drive deployment scoping to balance stakeholder needs, internally and externally, and close deals that achieve both scale and rapid execution
  • Write formal project proposals, develop presentation slides, and other tools
  • Negotiate term sheets and contracts through final execution
  • Exercise indirect influence to keep projects moving in a timely and efficient manner
  • Support project management to smoothly transition new contracts into implementation
  • Develop quantitative models for valuing market opportunities, assessing engagement options, and prioritizing company resources to make new projects successful
  • Coordinate with colleagues on process improvements, product development, regulatory and policy goals, and competitive landscape

About you

First and foremost, you’re mission driven and fully dedicated to driving solutions for our climate crisis. You’re excited about supporting a world with 100% clean transportation with drivers who love their cars. You have a wealth of experience with key players at automakers and have a deep sense for their needs and hurdles.

You’re eager to build collaborations and shared value, while fully embracing the complexities of successful execution. Your forte is managing relationships and growing new programs, but you also relish getting into the weeds with engineers to understand data management for effective launch and long term program success. You value being realistically optimistic and finding creative solutions to drive a deal to completion quickly, while staying brutally honest with yourself about what’s realistic to accomplish. You want to grow and leverage Weave Grid’s positive reputation in our industry by building connections and creating a long track record of success. You’ve enjoyed working in a fast-paced environment at a high growth company, while demonstrating a high degree of empathy for clients and team members across departments.


To meet the needs of this role, you will bring
  • Significant domain expertise through industry experience in one or several of the following areas: electric mobility, automotive corporate strategy, customer experience of drivers, and/or software vendor relationships
  • Experience with at least one of the following areas: pitching vendor relationships, writing proposals, pricing models, new product development, and/or contracting
  • Demonstrated track record of empathy, individual initiative, a spirit of inquiry, and solutions-orientation
  • Attention to detail and ability to function effectively under time pressure
  • Ability to work with diverse teams and translate between various areas of expertise
  • Flexibility and willingness to take on a variety of tasks in response to immediate needs
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and excellent work ethic
  • Comfort with remote collaboration tools. Travel required, when appropriate in accordance with health guidelines
  • 5 years of full-time experience in business development, partnerships, supply chain or similar.
  • BA/BS in engineering, business, or other related field. Masters, or equivalent experience, preferred



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