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electric future 

Rapid decarbonization at the intersection of transportation and energy.
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WeaveGrid brings together utilities, OEMs, and EV drivers in the journey to electrify transportation by utilizing world-class software, machine learning, and data technology.
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280 million cars are going electric in the U.S.

We work with the industry leaders driving this transition.

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WeaveGrid Launches EV Managed Charging Solution in Detroit

WeaveGrid Highlights How Collaboration Elevates the EV Driver Experience

A once-in-a-century moment

Electrification of transportation presents an unprecedented opportunity for two of the largest industries in the United States: electric utilities and automakers. To realize this opportunity, these historically disconnected systems must come together with the help of an ecosystem enabler.
That’s where WeaveGrid comes in.

data silos

Our software uses machine learning, optimization, and predictive analytics to address the data fragmentation that underlies the EV-grid integration challenge.

EV adoption

We ease the transition to EVs for drivers, utilities, and automakers by reducing necessary infrastructure investments to keep electricity rates low and improve driver experience.

Accelerating decarbonization

Our solutions support renewable energy integration to enable a clean energy and mobility future.

The transition to an all-electric future must benefit all stakeholders.

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We enable utilities to build an understanding of EV charging data, actively manage and shift EV charging off-peak, and fully automate charging with respect to real-time, last-mile distribution constraints.
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We partner directly with OEMs to simplify grid integration and access to utility programs, giving customers seamless charging experiences that benefit their wallets and the environment.
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WeaveGrid for

EV Drivers

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We help EV drivers understand charging costs, save money on their electricity bill, and charge using cleaner electricity resources, all while ensuring their car is charged when they need it.
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We solve the most critical emerging grid integration challenges to ensure that the impending energy transition is clean, equitable, and resilient.

Our trailblazing technology is made possible by the best team in the business.

WeaveGrid is composed of committed, thoughtful, diverse people who are dedicated to addressing the climate crisis. Our team is unique because of our passion, deep domain expertise in energy and transportation, and world-class software and data capabilities.
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